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July 8, 2008

First Speaker
Bryan F. Smith is an IBM Distinguished Engineer, has been with IBM for 19 years. For much of his early career at IBM, he was a software engineer for the DB2 for z/OS product. He spent one year on a temporary assignment at the IBM Design Center for e-transaction Processing in Poughkeepsie, New York, where he helped customers leverage DB2 across all of IBM's servers. Bryan spent three years as the CTO of the DB2 and IMS Tools group focusing on strategic technical issues which include some of the Autonomic Computing activities in the Information Management division. Bryan then returned to development of the DB2 for z/OS product as the technical lead for the DB2 for z/OS Utilities Development and Service team. His current assignment is the technical lead for the administrative tooling for the Data Studio product which promises to revolutionize DBMS application and administration tooling. Bryan is a frequent speaker at DB2 conferences, has represented IBM on the Transaction Processing Council (TPC benchmarks), has published numerous articles in information management publications, and has nine software patents in relational database.

Second Speaker
Willie Favero is an IBM Senior Certified IT Software Specialist with IBM�s Silicon Valley Lab Data Warehouse on System z Swat Team. He has over 30 years experience working with databases with more than 24 years working with DB2. He speaks at major conferences, user groups, publishes articles, and has one of the top technical blogs on the Internet.

April 8, 2008

First Speaker
Tom Bauch is a Certified Senior IT Specialist and has been with IBM since May of 1979. He was a Senior IBM instructor from 1995-1998, teaching OS/2 and DB2 classes, and prior to that supported IBM systems from PC's and local area networks to VM/VSE mainframes. He spent 6 years (98-05) as the Technical Lead for the DB2 Ranger Team, a pre-sales technical support organization for IBM Data Management products on Solaris, and is a co-author of the book 'DB2 in the Solaris Operating Environment'. He has participated in numerous installations of DB2 Universal Database on Solaris, from small systems to large enterprise class machines, as well as many benchmarks, and has recently moved into the role of an IT Specialist in the Southwest Region supporting IBM Information Management customers.

Second Speaker
Craig Mullins is a data management strategist for NEON Enterprise Software, Inc.. Craig has extensive experience in the field of database management having worked as an application developer, a DBA, and an instructor with multiple database management systems, including working with with DB2 for z/OS since Version 1. Craig is also an IBM gold consultant and is the author of two books: - DB2 Developer�s Guide and - Database Administration: Practices and Procedures. You can contact Craig at
or via his web site at

January 30, 2008

First Speaker
Wayne Slomiany graduated from the University of Michigan with a Computer Engineering Degree in 1977. He completed his Masters in Theological Studies in 2005. He has been in the IT business for 33 years. He is proficient in many operating system environments both distributed and mainframe. He spent time as a programmer, system programmer, and DBA. At Compuware he began as a Product Manager helping design and implement new products. He then became a Senior Consultant instrumental in the positioning of products and solutions to meet the changing Business and IT requirements of the industry. He took over the Product Consulting Division as Senior Director and is currently functioning as a Senior Subject Matter Expert for Compuware.

Second Speaker
Luis Gasca, with 20 years of experience in IT, has held numerous positions supporting the enablement, development and implementation of enterprise-wide software solutions for global retail, telecommunications, financial, government and manufacturing industries, throughout the Americas. With Compuware, Mr. Gasca is a Senior Data Management Specialist, representing the Data Management product line in North America since 1999. He as been instrumental in the strategic development of the Compuware Data Privacy Solution. And is a key team member in the product release planning process, and a co-author of the Compuware Data Privacy Best Practices.

October 9, 2007

Bill Arledge is an IT veteran with 33 years experience across a variety of roles, including application development and database administration. Bill�s database experience began in the late 1970�s as an IMS DBA and developer. He began working with DB2 in 1984 as a database specialist at IBM. He worked with DB2 throughout the late eighties, consulting with numerous IBM customers on existing and planned DB2 implementations. Bill is a technical product manager responsible for BMC�s DB2 performance management products. In that capacity he continues to consult extensively with BMC DB2 customers and works closely with BMC�s Research and Development organization to drive product direction.

July 10, 2007

Terry Purcell is a senior software engineer with the DB2 for z/OS Query Technology Team for the IBM Silicon Valley Lab, where he works on the design and development of the DB2 z/OS Optimizer. Terry has more than 15 years experience with DB2 in Database Administration and application development, and has been voted best overall speaker at 3 international IDUG events including IDUG NA in 2007.

Brian Baggett is a senior software engineer with DB2 Development at the IBM Silicon Valley Lab, where he has worked for 12 years in DB2 Performance and Level 2 Support focusing on DB2 z/OS Optimizer. Brian recently received an IBM Outstanding Technical Achievement Award for his work on V8 customer migrations. Brian obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering at Seattle University in 1995.

April 24th and 25th, 2007:

DB2 9 comes with many powerful features that help ease the day-to-day activities all DBAs must perform in every IT shop. In this Proof of Technology, specific comparisons with SQL Server are made throughout to help customers better understand the feature and function differences between DB2 and the competitive SQL Server product. This session consists of both presentation and hands-on lab exercises.

This session enables customers to gain an understanding of IBM DB2 9 administration, evaluate the DB2 9 administration vs. SQL Server administration, and expedite their purchasing decision process. In breif, DBAs already working with SQL Server, or those considering adding SQL Server to their repertoire, will be able to see just how easy and yet powerful DB2 administration can be.

April 10, 2007:

First Speaker
Scott Hayes, Database-Brothers Inc.
Download presentation here!

Speaker Biography
Scott Hayes is a well known DB2 LUW performance and security expert. He is a regular speaker at International DB2, ISACA, and ISSA User Group meetings, as well as IBM DB2/Data Management conferences. Scott has authored several published articles on DB2 LUW performance, security, and auditing, is an IBM DB2 GOLD Consultant (an elite, exclusive group of IBM recognized top DB2 advocates), has obtained Advanced IBM DB2 Certifications, and is widely regarded by the worldwide DB2 community as the top performance and security expert for DB2 on distributed (UNIX, Linux, and Windows) platforms. Scott graduated from SUNY Geneseo with a Management Science Major and Computer Science Minor, and � as he was recently reminded during a conference presentation - he is, not was, an Eagle Scout.

Second Speaker
Alexander Kopac, Database-Brothers, Inc.
Download presentation here

Speaker Biography
Alexander Kopac is Database Administrator for Database-Brothers, Inc. Austin, Texas and IBM Certified for DB2 UDB V7.1 Database Administration for z/OS. He has over 14 yrs of DB2 experience. Previously, he was a consultant for more than 10 years working with automotive manufacturing, airline fares marketing, finance & insurance company marketing systems.

Alexander has delivered many presentations for IDUG Regional User Groups, more than a dozen IDUG Europe & IDUG North America conferences, CA-World, IBM's DB2 Data Management Technical Conference and many others. Lately, he has worked with DBI customers helping them with DB2 for LUW performance problem solving as well as DB2 and Oracle auditing issues. He's a member of IDUG North America Conference Planning Committee (NACPC) since 2004.

January 9, 2007:

First Speaker
Willie Favero, IBM

Speaker Biography
Willie Favero is currently the DB2 for z/OS Sales Specialist for the West Region in IBM's Sales and Distribution organization, an IBM Senior Certified IT Software Specialist, and an IBM Certified Solutions Expert for DB2 for z/OS Version 8, for DB2 UDB, and for DB2 for OS/390 Version 7. Between IMS/VS DB/DC, Cincom's Total and Supra, IDMS, and DB2, he has over 29 years experience working with database. However, Willie has spent his last 21 years working primarily with the DB2 family. His responsibilities include consulting to IBM's customers on DB2 for z/OS and OS/390, DB2 tools, and PeopleSoft, SAP, Siebel, and WebSphere from DB2's perspective. He performs DB2 subsystem, performance, and security health checks, performance tuning for the DB2 subsystem, performance analysis for DB2 applications and SQL, design reviews, data modeling, general DB2 consultation, CritSit resolution, DB2 installation assistance, migration planning to DB2 for z/OS Version 8, and all forms of DB2 education. Willie is a recognized worldwide as a DB2 expert and is a highly sought after speaker on a variety of DB2 for z/OS, Client/Server, and Object Technology topics.

Second Speaker
Mita Roychowdhury, Crossroads Systems

Speaker Biography
Mita Roychowdhury, senior product manager at Crossroads is responsible for managing the "StrongBox' line of security products. Mita worked as senior product manager for Oracle, prior to joining Crossroads. She is currently completing her PhD in Communications at UT Austin.